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Johnny Rzeznik
The lead singer/guitarist of the rock band Goo Goo Dolls, Johnny Rzeznik is a well-known performer and songwriter. Born in Buffalo, NY, Rzeznik grew up in a working-class family the youngest of five siblings. Tragically, Rzeznik's parents died within a year of each other when he was in his teens, and as a result Rzeznik was left largely on his own. One of Rzeznik's sisters helped to find him an apartment, and from age 17 on he lived by himself. During high school, Rzeznik learned to play guitar and gravitated toward punk rock. After graduating high school, Rzeznik spent a year at Buffalo State College before dropping out to pursue music. In 1985, he formed what would become the Goo Goo Dolls with bassist Robby Takac and drummer George Tutuska. Known for a raucous mix of power pop and classic rock cover songs, the band, whose members eventually began writing their own songs, developed into a popular college radio outfit.
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